sábado, 5 de março de 2011

Extreme ways are back again

    I am back to my routine these days, that's the biggest reason I've been out for so long.
Everything looks the same. Ok, almost everything. The most important thing above all doesn't feel that the same. I dont feel quite the same.
   I mean, I am still me speaking about myself, I still believe in whatever i believed before, but I want different. I dont feel quite the same, despite I still am the very me I've ever been.
   I've been there before. But never like this. Feels different but completely normal. Feels like the world around me is just changing, and I dunno how and where to, but looks like I just know it's getting better at every single breath I take.
   You know, feels better now then when I started writing, and I hope it feels worse than how i shall feel when I am done doing it. Maybe I will feel even better soon, I might just need someone to share and divide, so I can grow it even bigger.
   Everything gets feeling like new, when you start investing better your time on you.

Erick Ozaki

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